Nano is Smaller but Stronger

Institution: Carleton University
Category: Faculty of Engineering and Design
Language: English

Course Description

The course provides an exciting introduction to Nanotechnology in a simple word for high school students.
In this mini-course, we will discuss the scale and types of nanomaterial, characterization tools, synthesis methods, and nanomaterial application by using chemistry, physics, and math at the high school level.

Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique and outstanding properties of nanoscale material and devices without any previous knowledge of the field. The outlines of the course are:
-Background and history of nanoscience,
- How big is nano!
-Smaller is stronger!
-How to build it, how to see it?
- Let’s go green with nano.
- Guess what will happen next?
In the last session, students will provide innovative ideas and suggestions to overcome current challenges in engineering, medical science, food industry, environment, space missions, etc.