Climate Communication!

Institution: Carleton University (Carleton University)
Category: Faculty of Public Affairs
Language: English

Course Description

In this course, we study climate communication from professional, practical, and public engagement perspectives and with an emphasis on local and Canadian contexts. We begin with an overview of climate communication, the emergence of experts and climate communication centres, and meet some of the participants of the climate centre at Carleton, Re.Climate. We then review some of the main topics and challenges in climate communication including denial, misinformation, the economic models of social media, the communicative power of extractive industries, the influence of capitalism and colonialism more generally as well as the difficulties in organizing collective action. Along the way, we will gain practical experience in identifying and combatting misinformation, learn how to analyze communication strategies, and develop consultation and engagement plans for climate communication. The class will have climate communication experts from government, university, and climate communication centres visit as guests.