Unrestrained White Wrath: When Privilege Meets Oppression

Institution: Carleton University
Category: Faculty of Public Affairs
Language: English

Course Description

“Unrestrained and lethal White supremacy has debunked the notion that America is a post-racial society” (Williams, 2020, pg.1). Social media is being used to expose white supremacy, with the majority of this internet attention concentrating on the ways that White women referred to as Karen unlawfully “patrol, monitor, and examine Black bodies in public places” (Williams, 2020, pg.3).
This course will offer an introduction to intersectionality theory. Students will examine Karen's complex identity using an intersectional perspective. Students will investigate Karen's actions, which happen at the intersection of race and gender. This course will also look at historical patterns of racism which have led to the formation of stereotypical cultural ideas. Finally, this course will focus on how power can influence societal and personal levels, giving Karen the advantages of white power and the oppression of female subjugation. We will consider how racism functions and the ways in which it affects other systems.

Key Concepts: social issues, patriarchy, racism, power, intersectionality, white privilege
Learning Style: In order to promote learning, the course will make use of both group and individual work and will encourage student participation and debate.