Families and the Law

Institution: University of Ottawa
Category: Faculty of Law
Language: English

Course Description

This course will review the fundamental principles of family law. There will be emphasis on the economic and parenting consequences of family breakdown and divorce. Contemporary issues such as family violence, rights of unmarried cohabitants, domestic contracts, and alternative dispute restriction processes will be addressed. The course will have the following objectives: to analyze contemporary issues in family law, to develop legal skills in dealing with family disputes, to identify the special nature of family disputes and innovative approaches to their resolution, such as collaborative law, mediation, arbitration, and custody assessments. This will be taught in lecture format, role play & debate. To drive critical thinking and debate, we will review articles on a myriad of topics and their relation to the family law system, such as, indigenous children and the child welfare system, issues regarding violence against women and children, Sharia law in Ontario and other interesting topics.