Environmental learnings for a sustainable development

Institution: University of Ottawa
Category: Faculty of Law
Language: English

Course Description

Regarding the importance to raise awareness particularly in next generation about the current triple planetary crisis (climate change, biodiversity loss, and air pollution); this course seek to be a complete but comprehensible tool that will allow students understand the beginig of the environmental challenges and what can be done in a personal and joint level, in order to empower and involve students as they are key actors to tackle the current environmental crisis.Particular Objectives -course contents Students would have a better understanding on: (i) Environmental law history; (ii) Principles; (iii) The national and international framework of environmental law; (iii) Main challenges (iv) Deep comprehension of recycling in general and in Ontario; (v) Pesticides management in Canada Introduction to some national judicial cases (vi) Personal and joint actions to tackle environmental challenges