Intercultural awareness

Institution: Carleton University
Category: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Language: English

Course Description

This course will offer students the following opportunities:
• To explore the concepts of intercultural competence, cross-cultural communication, and intercultural negotiation. Students will learn how these concepts impact their learning and different ways to adapt and integrate into Carleton University.
• To engage and reflect on different cases that include but are not limited to stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, and microaggression. Students will explore Critical Race Theory, privilege, power, and oppression.
• To promote awareness and to identify microaggression in everyday life.
• To focus on school work experience, especially group work, and how students can take advantage of their different linguistic and cultural backgrounds to enrich their learning experience.

Students will explore:
• Different perceptions of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.
• Story-telling and its meaning to different cultures.
• Unfamiliar cross-cultural environments navigation.
• Intercultural competence benefits on students’ personal and professional life.
• Cultural assumptions and how they affect their (mis)understanding.
• Cultural shock to new immigrants and different ways to adapt
• Reflective approach, mental health, and self-care will be addressed."